Businesses can enter only one of the following categories: Excellence in Business - Small, Medium or Large, or New/Emerging Business.

The Excellence in Business sub-categories are:

  • Emerging Business (Less than 2 years)
  • Small (1-5 full time equivalent employees)
  • Medium (6-15 full time equivalent employees)
  • Large (16+ full time equivalent employees)

In the best interests of your business, your entry category may be changed upon consideration of the judges. In this instance full consultation will be made with the entrant business. All sections must be completed for your entry.

All entrants must include:

  • Entry
  • Executive Summary 
  • Questions - please refer to your excellence categories for what needs to be
  • Financial Viability – a signed, scanned statement from your accountant

As part of the entry process, please provide a 150 word summary of your business, 10 high resolution photos of your business in jpeg form and either an EPS format or high resolution JPG or PNG of your logo. Please include these with your entry.

The total possible marks available for each section are noted on the entry guide and entry form. This may influence the effort and length of your response to each section.  Remember, all sections need to be completed, regardless of which category you are entered into.

Non-completion of any section of your entry will lessen the overall scoring potential of your submission and therefore the chances of making it through to be a finalist. All entrants will receive a visit from the Judges.

Make sure your submission is clear and concise, using facts and statistics to illustrate your narrative. Tables, figures and graphs are encouraged however each section of your submission MUST be within the specified page limit for text.

All entrants must submit all supporting documentation electronically into the folder to which the evidence relates to: ie: financial reports (into the folder labelled 4. Business Performance & Financial Planning), graphs, tables of data, examples of process


forms, and any other important information to support claims made in your entry. Please refer to the application form for limits on supporting documentation, and ensure judges can find what they are looking for easily - it MUST be clearly presented electronically in the correct folders. Any other supporting information – brochures, photographs, video clips etc. – are welcome as scanned documents placed into the relevant electronic folder.  If your support documentation relates to more than one question, please include the same documentation into each relevant folder.

All entries and supporting information remains confidential and will be viewed by the judging panel only. All judges sign a written confidentiality agreement before commencing judging. All entries will be deleted from judges’ computers within two months following the awards.



While attendance at the workshops is not compulsory, it is HIGHLY recommended. The workshop will help in the preparation of your entry and will help you get the most out of the entry process for your business. If you are not able to attend a workshop or a one to one meeting with the convenor of Judges, please speak to your Chamber representative.


Supreme Winner

All entrants are automatically eligible for the Supreme Business Award regardless of category entered. The Supreme winner must be able to demonstrate excellence in all business areas and will be chosen by the Chief Judge irrespective of best overall score. The Chief Judge’s decision will be final. Supreme Award winners are not eligible for the Supreme Award in the next awards immediately following their win.

Judges’ scores for each section will be available to entrants only. No information will be disclosed to individuals or organisations other than the judges and Awards Co-ordinator. Detailed feedback from judges is not generally available; however the Chamber can assist those seeking business advice, mentoring or other consultancy services.

The judging process will culminate in the Horizon Business Excellence Awards 2018 ceremony on Saturday 1 September 2018 at the Whakatane War Memorial Hall, Short Street, Whakatane. No correspondence or results will be available until this event.

Entry Fees – No fees, free to enter

All enquiries to:

Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer, Gerard Casey Phone: 07 306 3370

Email: gerard@ebopchamber.co.nz