About New Kiwis:

The New Kiwis programme links New Zealand employers with skilled and qualified migrants living in New Zealand, or who are in the process of emigrating, through the Chamber network of 22,000 businesses.

A very high percentage of vacancies are not advertised in conventional ways in this country and are filled through various forms of networking. Migrants arrive with few or no networks and this is a way of introducing them to businesses that belong to the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce. The New Kiwis initiative (www.newkiwis.co.nz) is divided into two sections: New Kiwis Local and New Kiwis Global.  Local features migrants living in New Zealand searching for employment while Global houses job seekers living offshore who are interested in and may already be in the process of emigrating to New Zealand.

The New Kiwis website is an Immigration New Zealand joint initiative which candidates and employers can utilise at no cost.

Plugging the skills shortage gaps with New Kiwis.

As skills shortages increasingly impact on New Zealand businesses, employers are actively seeking new sources of skilled workers.  Many are choosing employees with international or overseas work experience, suitable qualifications and an attitude of ‘work readiness’. Migrant workers often have language skills, specific job training or experience working in offshore markets that is highly valued by Kiwi employers. There is also a reported shortage in specialised skills – particularly in the engineering, hospitality, healthcare, information technology and manufacturing industries – where employees from overseas can contribute valuable experience.   

Gerard Casey, CEO Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce said that talent from overseas can help address skills shortage gaps in our marketplace, including the need for specialist communication, cultural and business skills.

“Employees from overseas bring new and different talents, experience and expertise, contributing necessary insights and knowhow, particularly for New Zealand Businesses offering a range of  products and services globally,” Casey said.

Recognising demand, the Chambers have put in place initiatives to facilitate the employment of new migrants in New Zealand and to help fill these skills gaps. One of these is the New Kiwis website, a joint initiative with Immigration New Zealand, which provides employers with direct access to skilled new migrants.

New Kiwis Liaison for the Chamber of Commerce Cheng Goh says employers appreciate the simplicity of the process in matching skills requirements with candidates, the convenience of being able to search the site, identify a shortlist of suitable candidates and download CVs straightaway - all at no cost to the employer or the candidate. The website also provides practice resources for employers to assist in supporting and facilitating the transition of new recruits into the New Zealand culture and workplace.

Goh confirms that migrants can plug skill shortage gaps.

“The results of the annual New Kiwis Employers Survey in 2013 indicated that having the right skills in the absence of a local candidate was the top consideration when employing a migrant, followed by having the right attitude and good English language skills,” Goh said.

Employers utilising the New Kiwis service acknowledge that they gain from the specialist knowledge that these ‘New Kiwis’ bring to their teams.

David Litherland, Talent Manager at First Assistance, a leading provider of assistance products – used the Chamber services to find a Mandarin speaking Medical Assistance Assessor.

“We decided to go to the experts. We cast the recruitment net wide and utilised the New Kiwis database of candidates with the skills we specifically required – hiring two people initially,” he said.

“What appealed was that the New Kiwis services help get new migrants work ready from a New Zealand perspective. The service is an opportunity to give new migrants work experience and in turn shows an employer that they are proactive in the sense of preparing themselves,” said Litherland.

For more information visit newkiwis.co.nz, email newkiwis@chamber.co.nz or call 0800 709 907

Contact: Cheng Goh, New Kiwis Employer/Migrant Liaison

Phone: +64 9 309 6100

Email: cgoh@chamber.co.nz