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Bay of Connections

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Introduction to Bay of Connections

One of the key outcomes from the job summit was the identification of a need for coordinated communication across all regions of the Bay of Plenty.  This website is one of the initiatives being undertaken to overcome this.

Resource Sharing

It was identified that there is a possible opportunity for resource sharing in the region, this website can act as a portal for companies to share information based on their capacity and availability of excesses across the Bay of Plenty region.

Mentoring and Training Facilities

The need for mentoring and training facilities across the region was also identified as a high priority, this website has links to all training and mentoring available as well as support agencies thoughout the Bay of Plenty.

Regional Strategy

Another key aspect of job creation in the Bay of Plenty Region is the Economic Development Strategy which is currently being implemented.  This website will keep you informed and up to date as this multi dimensional strategy is implemented and roled out.

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Kiwisaver Comparison Tool


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The New Kiwis programme links New Zealand employers with skilled and qualified migrants living in New Zealand, or who are in the process of emigrating, through the Chamber network of 22,000 businesses.