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Documentation & Certification Services

The export documentation process sometimes requires that documents be authenticated (certified) by the Chamber of Commerce.

You will know if documents need certification by the Chamber from details on your Letter of Credit or from instructions received from the importer. Be sure to check the details you have received carefully or discuss directly with the importer to ensure you meet requirements correctly the first time.

As a guideline, certification is often required if you are exporting to some Middle Eastern or Latin American countries, if you are exporting particular foodstuffs and related products, if a developing country has a special concession arrangement, or if New Zealand has a free trade or bilateral agreement with the country to which you are exporting.


Types of Export Documents

Certificate of Origin

A document to certify the place of growth, production or manufacture of goods. Required when exporting to specific countries, when requested by a consignee for customs clearance, or when stipulated in a Letter of Credit.

Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin

China FTA Certificate of Origin

New Zealand exporters seeking tariff preference under the New Zealand-China FTA will be required to have a China Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin accompany their consignment.


In order to take advantage of preferential access that AANZFTA offers, exporters require an AANZFTA Certificate of Origin certified by an approved body.

China and AANZFTA FTA Certification Service

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have extensive experience with the certification of preferential FTA Certificates of Origin and can provide exporters with the support and resources they need to capitalise on the AANZFTA.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce provide its China and AANZFTA Certificates of Origin service from the following offices:

Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce
Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
Waikato Chamber of Commerce
Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce
Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce
Otago Chamber of Commerce

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