POSITION: Office & Events Manager, 30 hours per week

Applications close: 10 January 2019

Email cover letter and CV to gerard@ebopchamber.co.nz

Purpose: To manage all office administration of the Chamber, including event management, accounting, billing, customer service, inbound email inquiries, inbound phone inquiries, reception staff, boardroom bookings and preparation, payroll, and reporting to the CEO for monthly management summaries.
Reports To: Chief Executive Officer

Direct Reports: nil

Location: Whakatane

Organisational Relationships: Internal Chief Executive Office, Chamber Board, Other regional Chamber staff.  External Chamber members, Regional authorities, external accountants, lawyers, payroll provider, government agencies, ad agencies, general public.

Competency profile

Valid New Zealand Drivers license

2+ years’ experience, preferably in a comparative industry.
Administration experience.

Technical Skills
Knowledge of Xero and accounting principles
High speed, accurate typing ability.
PC skills including outlook, word processing, spreadsheet, business communication & graphics applications.

Behavioural Skills
Excellent communication skills.
Time Management skills.
Excellent organisational skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Methodical and accurate.
Ability to work unsupervised.

KEY TASKS - Refer to the Key Result Areas


General Administration

·  Clear post office box on a regular basis

·  Prepare Board Agendas, Minutes and action list, AGM,

·  Maintain a communications system, responding to mail, emails, filing, typing, telephone calls and answer phone messages.  Respond to letters.


· Correspondence is cleared regularly.

· Monthly agendas and minutes are prepared to a high standard. Agendas, minutes are presented to the Board each month.

· Using PIVOTAL, monthly status reports are prepared to a high standard, illustrating any variances for each activity.

· Correspondence is responded to regularly.

· Letter templates are kept up to date


External Event Management at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

· Services to Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi -as agreed with CEO and TWWOA management assist with administration associated with external events booked through TWWOA

· Services provided to Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi as per agreed standards.

Financial Systems

· Ensure all creditors invoices and bills are input into XERO. 

· Prepare end of month invoicing and debtors follow up, using PIVOTAL and XERO.

· Provide timely and accurate reports to the Committee.

· Input budge into Xero 

· XERO kept up to date. 

· Accurate invoices are produced and sent out at the end of each month through XERO.

· Debtors are followed up in line with agreed accounts receivable practices i.e. after 30 days, using XERO automated reminder system.

CEO Support

· Monthly meetings with CEO

· Keep CEO aware of all upcoming events

· Create Executive Agendas

· Assist CEO with correspondence

· CEO is informed of events and meetings.

· Communication with CEO


·  Arrange Chamber Connections / Women in Business / Legends in Business / Other Events.  

· Provide Host with information as per required 

· Maintain attendee’s lists through PIVOTAL and provide numbers to hosts.

· Promote the event via Mailchimp newsletter, Facebook and Website

· Budget for the event

· Create and deliver hard-copy newsletter to the business community

· Guest Speakers, venues and catering are booked as required (appropriate for the numbers attending). 

·  PIVOTAL kept up to date with attendee names. 

·  Attend each event. 

·  Name badges

·  CEO has runsheet, noting new members and sponsors attending.

·  Support host where needed.

·  Stay within budget for events (venue, food, supplies, gifts)


Regional Business Partners and Business Mentors

· Complete all Business Mentor requests as per BMNZ contract requirements. 

· Business Referrals to the Regional Business Partnership Network.


· Business Mentor NZ requests are completely in a timely manner.  Follow Business Mentor process.

· Inform CEO when support is required when more Business Mentors are needed to help to refer people to be mentors


· Maintain the Membership Database PIVOTAL, including but not limited to:

· Amending member information

· New members

· Paid member

·  Order Membership Cards for all Chamber members

·  Information gathering and dissemination – attend to requests for information and ongoing assembly of an information base for Members and Summaries for the Executive Committee


·  PIVOTAL is up-to-date.

·  Reported Monthly to the Committees, using PIVOTAL for reports as necessary.

· Log enquiries. Feedback to CEO.

· New members details forwarded to CEO to make welcome phone call.

· Email added to Mailchimp.

· Invoice for new membership

· Order membership card and send with welcome letter.

· Provide members with National Alliance Partners benefits information.

· Forward membership questions to CEO for response.

Website / Mailchimp /Social Media (Facebook)


· Update Current Events

· Maintain Members List

· Send E-newsletters via mail-chimp

· Surveys - local and Northern Region

· Executive Committee Profiles updated annually

· Update new members and any changes

· Update Facebook regularly

· The Website and Facebook is kept up to date and current.

· CEO to review e-newsletter before sent

· E-newsletter includes information as appropriate (CEO news, events, surveys, member news, sponsor news)

· Principal and Cornerstone sponsor logos are kept up to date

· Perform with the social media policy and procedures.

Business Awards (bi-annually)

Work with the CEO (including and not limited to):

· Prepare Entry Forms and Guidelines. 

· Prepare budget with CEO

· Provide letters and invoices required by the CEO to confirm sponsorship.

· Obtain quotes from suppliers.  Confirm suppliers. Liaise with suppliers.

· Support judges (book accommodation, paperwork needed)

· Prepare Grant Application/s (ie: for Sound & Lighting).

· Prepare timetable for meeting’s / business visits.

· Arrange event for Launch of Awards – event invite / venue and catering / powerpoint about Business Awards.

· Administration involved with venue booking / programme and ticket preparation and sales / sponsor letters and invoicing.

· Presentation logos and photos supplied to audio-visual team.

· Prepare MC Script for Awards Night.

· Organise all extra volunteers / workers required.

· On the day / next day venue set up / pack down.


· Successful Business Excellence Awards

Health and Safety


· Assist with the leadership and direction in matters of health and safety;

· Demonstrate a commitment to continually improving health and safety performance.

· Become familiar with and abide by all applicable Chamber policies and guidelines, and relevant statutory obligations;

· Understand the hazards and risks associated with the business and how these are controlled, verify that these controls are in place and effective within your span of control,

· Report  all occupational injury, illness, near miss incidents, environmental spills or fire, regardless of its severity, to a supervisor;

· Understand what emergencies could occur in the business and how these will be dealt with and ensure that there is an effective emergency management plan,

· Report hazards which may result in an injury, illness, spill or fire to a supervisor; and

· Behave in a manner which does not endanger the health and safety of you, other employees or contractors.

· Demonstrate compliance with and understanding of the Chamber’s Health and safety policies and abide by these at all times.

· Follows Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi health and safety procedures as per our office location.

Other Duties


· Other duties as directed including special projects when required.

· Engaging in local networks

· Keeping up to date with local events and new businesses

· Connecting members to services and other members

· Other duties completed as directed.

· Refer members to CEO for queries as needed







Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Concern for health and safety is about ensuring self and others work safely.  The competency starts with the simple understanding of health and safety regulations and the organisation’s rules around it, and ranges to proactively identifying and acting to correct workplace situations that are of potential danger to self and others.  Demonstrates that they take health and safety seriously, and promote a positive attitude to health and safety in the workplace.

Productivity and Quality

Shows commitment to producing quality work and meeting desired productivity levels. Assumes responsibility for own work outcomes and completes work accurately and within the established time frames and specifications.  Works to meet the agreed standards, as aims to improve own performance by designing/creating better, faster and more efficient approaches to complete a task/assignment.  Seeks feedback on own performance and uses that feedback for personal improvement.  Demonstrates initiative addressing opportunities and problems that arise and may where appropriate try new approaches that have not been used before on a task/assignment

Planning and Organising

Personally adheres to agreed timelines and processes as well as assisting others in organising work.  Seeks clarity of roles and functions. Will monitor and check that their own work is correct and completed on time; ensure they provide quality information to others; keep their records, documentation and schedule well organised.  Will set up and maintain systems and measurements, estimate resources needed to complete projects/assignments; allocate time and resources effectively, as well as anticipate obstacles and take necessary action to ensure they remain on track.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Shows understanding and appreciation of different and opposing perspectives on an issue, adapting own approach as the requirements of a situation change, and changing or easily accepting changes in own organisation or job requirements.  Is able to efficiently reprioritise and adapt own tactics to changing environment.  Is open to considering new ways of doing things, willingly embrace new approaches, show an interest in learning new skills and keeping up to date with best practices, including new technologies and processes.

Effective Communication

Is able to clearly and confidently communicate facts and viewpoints in an appropriate way through different mediums, including face-to-face conversations, meetings, written and verbal presentations, and reports.  The competency starts with the ability to gather facts and structure one’s argument; at more complex levels it involves anticipating obstacles and objections, addressing them in advance and tailoring presentation to each particular audience.

Interpersonal Awareness

Shows the ability to correctly ‘read’ people and situations, understand other’s differences and respond appropriately.  Takes the time to build rapport and show they care; has a genuine desire to understand someone else’s point of view or position; demonstrate tact and respect.


Demonstrates a willingness to work in a cooperative, collaborative manner as opposed to working independently.  Teamwork is about being a good ‘team-player’, co-operating and offering support to others.  Shows respect and values other team members, celebrates other’s successes, values diversity and solicits input from others who have useful experience.

Member Focus

Member Focus is about discovering and meeting chamber members and potential member’s needs. Maintains open and clear communication with members, listening to what members are saying and asking appropriate questions.  Provides prompt, efficient assistance, builds rapport, and develops relationships with members.  Acts in a collaborative and empathetic way; remains calm when dealing with challenging members.