Gerard (Ged ) Casey  is Chief Executive of the Eastern  Bay Chamber of Commerce.  I am well known as a voice for business and have  been a part of the Chamber of Commerce for nearly  ten years. I am currently the ninth member on the NZ Chamber Board representing the smaller Chambers around NZ . When I  started the membership of our Chamber  was at 115 and it is now over 200. I am  dedicated to fostering business vitality by providing a wide range of business advisory and support services to the Eastern Bay business community. I am passionate about celebrating business excellence and a highlight is organising and delivering the Horizon Business Excellence Awards every two years. Our Mission is to inspire and influence business vitality. We do this by positively influencing the environment in which businesses operate and by providing opportunities, products and services that will improve the success and vitality of business.

My mantra is inspired from Claudia Batten who challenged me to “ Be the biggest ,boldest , bravest person you can be, and go forth and slay dragons.”