Scott Hale is CEO of East Coast Heavy Diesel & Machinery Ltd


A Bit about Scott

Scotty Hale has been in Whakatane all of his life. After returning home from a stint in Australia he then started his own heavy diesel workshop. From here the vision was born of building a one stop service centre to cater for the heavy diesel industry, where operators can get anything from tyres, WOF, COF, hydraulics, mechanical or engineering repairs.

Scotty started East Coast Heavy Diesel and Machinery in a shed leased from his dad Glenn and then landed a contract at Whakatane Mill which got the business moving. Scotty describes his team as “talented and driven” and they have enjoyed the journey as much as he has taking pride in what they do and where they work.


Skills & Qualities 

East Coast Heavy Diesel and Machinery were the 2014 winners of the Nova Energy - Excellence in Business: Large Business Award and the Horizon Supreme Business of the Year Award.