Goose Haddock is the owner of Haddock Spraypainters and Panelbeaters Limited


A bit about Goose

Goose Haddock is a born and bred local. He has lived in Whakatane in whole life and is committed to making his hometown the best it can be.  Goose is the owner of Haddock Spraypainters and Panelbeaters Limited . He has been in the industry for 28 years, so he knows what he is talking about.  In his spare time Goose enjoys fishing, reading, watching rugby and spending time with family and friends.


Skills & Qualities

I have been involved in the Whakatane Sportfishing club, holding various positions including 6 years as President and he still an active member.  I have  a keen understanding of business growth and also learnings from small business to , growing business and managing staff along the way