Brad Mckenzie is Dealer Principal at Nicholson Autos Whakatane

 I was born and raised in Whakatane. I commenced work at Hart Holden out of school and worked there until the company was purchased by Nicholson Autos in 2013 Throughout my professional life I have continued to up-skill through study and experience, today I am proudly the dealer principle of two exceptional car dealerships in Whakatane. Our company is actively involved in the Whakatane community through sponsorship, promotions and support from different ventures, we believe it is our privilege to be a part of the greater community. I am also an avid sports fan both on and off the field, having representing our district at national level a number of times and this experience has added real depth to my understanding of how to engage and motivate a team. I find there are many parallels between successful sports teams and successful businesses and I bring this life experience with me in my day to day professional life. 

Aside from the management and business skills I have, I have a real passion for the education and betterment of our youth. I love to inspire young people to achieve success in their personal and professional lives and I have been looking for a vehicle that will enable me to do so for some time. I would like to share my experience with training and developing the potential of young people to enable business to grow exactly the staff they want so young people can have a chance to be successful without having to leave the area they love and belong to. I see the Chamber as a great organisation to support and achieve these goals.